My name is Steffen K Nielsen

Welcome to my site! I am a danish game design student who also likes coding and writing. Currently living in Copenhagen.

Cavern of Souls

A requirement for this game was that it was build in processing. Therefore it has to be downloaded. Download windows 64 version This is a multiplayer game created by me and my team mate Julius Bækgaard Brasch. We also received help with structuring the code from fellow class mate Thomas[…]

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Panda Protect

My role: Helped create the concept, helped programming the enemy AI and other scripts. For this game we had to create a certain emotion in the player (Which one is currently a secret). Panda protect is a 2 player game in which the players each control a ninja who has[…]

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Drunk Visit

I lovely crazy little game where you have to get an alien back to his spaceship. Drinking alcohol makes the world move weirdly, allowing you to get to platforms that were out of reach while you were sober. Controls: Move with WASD and drink with the left mouse button. My[…]

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My role: Programmed the platform movement and tested and tweaked the game. Helped create the game concept. Miguel’s design restrictions: Digital or analog, I don’t care It has to have an economy (resources exchanged among players) Gameplay condition: the game has one loser   This game is inspired by Super[…]

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Oni Lord

My role: Helped create the concept, programmed a large part of the EAT minigame. The goal was to create a game and separate it by it’s loops. The game has a main loop of trying to keep the demon alive. It then has 3 separate mini-game loops to keep it[…]

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