My name is Steffen K Nielsen

Welcome to my site! I am a danish game design student and IT Consultant. Currently living in Roskilde.

Cavern of Souls

Download windows 64 version This game is a multiplayer build around vision. The enemies can only be seen what at least one player is looking in their direction. This was created by me and my team mate Julius B√¶kgaard Brasch. We also received help with structuring the code from fellow[…]

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Panda Protect

Download windows and Mac versions For this game we had to create a certain emotion in the player (can you guess which one?). Panda protect is a 2 player game in which the players each control a ninja who has to guide a wounded panda through a jungle towards the[…]

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Drunk Visit

Play Drunk visit in web player A lovely crazy little game where you have to get an alien back to his spaceship. Drinking alcohol makes the world move weirdly, allowing you to get to platforms that were out of reach while you were sober. Controls: Move with WASD and drink[…]

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