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My name is Steffen K Nielsen

Welcome to my site! I am a danish game design student and IT Consultant. Currently living in Roskilde.

Cavern of Souls

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Download windows 64 version

This game is a multiplayer build around vision. The enemies can only be seen what at least one player is looking in their direction.

This was created by me and my team mate Julius Bækgaard Brasch. We also received help with structuring the code from fellow class mate Thomas Pedersen.

This game was part of a larger assignment in the course programming for designers, where we received the highest grade.

From a game design perspective I learned something interesting. One of the “enemies” in the game is the skull-shaped statue that kills the player upon impact. It was my team mates idea to add this to the game, I personally did not see any reason why, because I thought the players would easily avoid them. Upon trying the game, we realized that the statues was the enemy that caused by far the most of our deaths. The statue itself might be easily avoidable, but the enemy ghosts took most of our focus, causing us to constantly run into the damn statues. My team mate was right and this taught me a valuable lesson about always keeping the player’s focus in mind when designing.