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My name is Steffen K Nielsen

Welcome to my site! I am a danish game design student and IT Consultant. Currently living in Roskilde.

City of Anott – Game World Design

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Play City of Anott in webplayer

This is more an experience than a game. Please try it before reading on.

The City of Anott is based on a very simple question: What happens, when a society expands vertically as opposed to horizontally?
We wanted a vertical city so that we could create a world based on the mathematical sublime(Emmanuel Kant, 1952), meaning a world that initially overwhelms our ability to understand it through sheer size and magnitude. This can give a feeling of pleasure once the mind is able to understand it.

To make the city functional, we based it on Maslow’s hierachy of needs:

My role: I took part in creating the game world. I wrote the dialogue together with a group member and build the majority of the level in Unity based on a sketch created by another group member. I did not code for this project.